All NFC Phones

27 Nov

NFC phones

The list with nfc enabled handsets is growing very fast, I can add a phone almost every day.
Nine out of ten phone manufacturers are present, just Apple is missing.
The overviews, related news and info are on a self-hosted website now.
Some countries have their own page with info about Google, ISIS, Cityzi or other mobile wallet info in the table.

Most popular pages;

Samsung TecTiles, Sony SmartTags, LG Tag+, Mifare, incompatibility issues and much much more information about NFC tags.

Certified phones; handsets with nfc chip, approved by Visa and/or Mastercard for contactless payments.

AllĀ  worldwide (soon) available cell phones with nfc chip in one up to date list.

Or just go to the homepage
at&t usa phones with nfc chip